We started out as the IDIBC Vancouver Chapter. Over the last few years we have there is a need for more networking with supplier sponsors and interior designers within the community.  Sponsors want to connect with designers.

Our Design Community is made up of many amazing and talented people. As such we have formed The Vancouver Design Community. You will see us use "YVR" Design Community for short. We will continue putting on events within the Community and promoting our fellow design organizations and members.

We will be working along side of IDIBC, IDC, NEWH, Designer Happy Hour, NKBA, AIA and any other parts of the design community willing to partner with us, to promote Design in Vancouver. Our goal is to bring the Design Community together and establish a place for members, non-members, students, industry partners and anyone else to network, have fun and get to know and support each other. We hope that you will choose to support our community in some way.

For 2018 we have put together a list of Events which we will be involved with and welcome partnership from the community to put on. This year, choose to support your design community in your own way, as an Annual Partner or by specific Events.

Volunteers needed… ENGAGE – PARTICIPATE – CONNECT!  Get involved in your design community by supporting events and volunteering with YVR Design Community - send us an email at yvrdesigncommunity@gmail.com.